About Us

This site is being set up as a record of our first ever trip to the UK where we plan to delve into the history of our respective families.

I have been interested for many years in local history and particularly in family history. My absorbing interest has been in trying to understand how people lived in their own time, how social changes affected them, and the circumstances that might have caused their decisions to, say, emigrate to Australia, or for that matter, stay at home. Of course some of our forebears came out to Aus after losing court cases, so didn't have much choice.

Making lists of names and dates from public records and compiling a tree, is just one side of family history. That is the when and where. Trying to understand people, trying to see things as if you are in their circumstances and living in their time, is something else again. That is the who, how and why of family history. I believe that these questions lead to a greater understanding and respect of our forebears.

One of the websites I am working on, http://www.living-family-history.com looks at changes during my own lifetime. It is on hold for the moment while we are on this trip, but I will be working on it again when we get back.

Jane and I have been married for 48 years and have three wonderful children and seven delightful Grand-children. We are enjoying the amazing ability to communicate with friends worldwide via the Internet, and to be able to share ideas on a variety of subjects with people, many of whom we have never personally met. We are convinced that people are the same the world over.

One of Jane's primary interests is in achieving and maintaining optimal health, and helping others to do so too, and to that end she has created a website wellness decisions. My interest lies in family history and finding out about the lives of our ancestors. This prompted my first site http://www.asletts.com and has developed further into http://www.living-family-history.com and now to this site. Who would ever have thought we would be embracing such technology? What would our Grandparents have made of all this?

So we are taking off to see the places in Britain where our ancestors lived. We plan to visit a number of towns and villages in different parts of the British Isles, and we will be researching in several English Counties, but since many of our ancestors came from East Anglia, that is where we will start, and where you just might happen to find us, tracing Suffolk roots.

Geoff & Jane