Home Again

Well here we are back again in sunny Brisbane. It's a week since we left London and now it's all just a memory, albeit a very good one. We managed to successfully trace many of our Suffolk and other ancestral roots, met many wonderful people - some of them related and some not - found out lots about our ancestors and perhaps now understand more fully where we have come from and why we are as we are. There is much more we would like to have done and seen but we did cover a lot of territory and the warmth with which we were received by so many wonderful people made us feel so comfortable and 'at home' that we will never forget our 'trip of a lifetime'.

It's wonderful to be back with our family who are all so precious to us, and now we must get down to the business of catching up again with all those things that have been neglected over the last few months. It doesn't take long to get back in to the swing of things but will take awhile to get done all that needs to be done.